DSI Oilfield Services



Pipeline Construction

Motor Carrier



DSI maintains the highest standards in professional services.  These standards are driven by our desire to provide our customers quality products and services without compromising safety.  These services include everything from roustabout crews to building pads.  Simply stated, we can meet all of your oil and gas needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to set-up a meeting.  Our Services Include the following:

Right-of-Way Maintenance

Location Mowing/Pipe Line Mowing/Weed Control/Road repair

Roustabout Crews

Equipment Maintenance/Setting well equipment/Pumping units/ Installing counter weights/Installation and repair pipelines/Haul pipe and tubing/General maintenance of yard/Welders/Road Repair/Hard piping compressors/Discharge-Flow lines/Well hookup/Sand blasting and painting/Pigging lines.

Heavy Equipment

Skidsteers/Blades/Rollers/Steamers/Dump Trucks and Trailers/Trash Trailers/Pipe Trailers/Haul Trucks/Dozers/Track Hoe/Back Hoe 





Seperators, Tanks, Meter Runs, Cattle Guards, Gates, etc.


Other Services

Location Pumpers/Sound Walls/Metal Containments/Spraying and lining containments